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Senior Advisors - customized, strategic investments and playbooks.

Get insured against market risk.

At Senior Advisors, we believe an advisor should always be on your side. You should know what you are getting for your money when it comes to financial advice. This is the core of our belief system.


Every service we provide has one primary purpose – to help advance your individual financial goals. Your specific objectives help us construct a portfolio tailored to meet your needs. Before selecting any assets for your portfolio, we undergo a thorough discovery process to understand your desired returns, income needed to support your current lifestyle, future liabilities, desired liquidity, tolerance for risk (including possible loss) and other important factors.

Your private wealth advisory team is composed of individuals whose core competencies are focused on investing and financial planning and who are dedicated to you and your success.

We optimize for you all the time.


  • Total transparency is crucial. You should know the fee you are paying for advice and you should know exactly what you are getting in return.

  • Your objectives come first. We will always act as a fiduciary when giving you investment advice, meaning we are legally required to act in your best interest 100% of the time.

  • Skip the commission. We never get paid any other way than with a fee for our investment advice.

Reaching all of your goals.


  • In addition to yearly in-person meetings, our teams are available to talk or meet 24/7. Our advisors maintain regular and close communication with you to regularly evaluate how changing life circumstances might inform your asset allocation or investment management strategy.

  • We cater to your level of understanding about investing and your desire to be involved in how your assets are invested. Do you want to be more hands-on and be involved in every decision? Do you want us to take care of everything and provide you with frequent updates? Or would you prefer something in between? We will work in a way that’s most comfortable for you.

  • We do not believe it is enough to simply advise a client. We believe in helping them execute the recommendation by either working with a client’s existing team of professionals or coordinating with in-house specialists for tax, legal or insurance needs.

Our team of experts will make your experience productive and worthwhile! Skip the risk and contact us now for an appointment >> 
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